19-09-17 // After more than 80 kilometers in the break, the experienced Belgian finished off the job by taking his second victory of the season.

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17-09-17 // Our squad came just outside the podium after the toughest race in the event's history.

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16-09-17 // The Italian captured the win at the Belgian one-day race following a masterful performance of the entire Quick-Step Floors team.

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15-09-17 // Protected and guided by a fantastic team, the 23-year-old became the first South American rider to win Kampioenschap van Vlaanderen.

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13-09-17 // The Italian rider took his best result in three participations at the Grand Prix de Wallonie.

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13-09-17 // Opportunity knocks for the 21-year-old British climber, who'll step up to the World Tour in the jersey of the most victorious team of 2017.

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3 hrs + 2 mins ago

Wouldn't it be better if every prorider that is affected by the new' @UCI_cycling' representatives has a vote?… https://t.co/h48cZn5vuK

12 hrs + 34 mins ago

'@Feltetdk' Ikke talt med en rytter, der syntes det var ok. ITT bør ikke være 'red carpet' joke. Heldigvis vandt den bedste suverænt

12 hrs + 47 mins ago

'@luisangelmate'' @ciclistacofidis'' @UCI_cycling' Habría estado bien que alguien hubiera preguntado la opinión de los ci… https://t.co/sTkYgiOtI2

12 hrs + 51 mins ago

'@richardmoore73' Maitre Jacques would only use a fxcking red carpet at Oscars, Fashion shows, Gala's etc - but NOT during a ITT

14 hrs + 5 mins ago

Bike change on a red carpet at worlds ITT ain't right, cos it ain't triatlon or cross. But great race and the best won

16 hrs + 19 mins ago

Watch our guys in action during the World ITT Championships in' #Bergen2017:' https://t.co/5bmGHWr86i' #WayToRide' Phot… https://t.co/12YnI3cCOF

17 hrs + 19 mins ago

'@BobJungels' .@LaurensDePlus was 22nd in this tough ITT, just ahead of teammate' @yveslampaert.'' #Bergen2017'

18 hrs + 22 mins ago

.@BobJungels is the highest-placed Quick-Step Floors rider at the World ITT Championships won by Tom Dumoulin, in 11th place.' #Bergen2017'

19 hrs + 8 mins ago

Surprised nobody employed these guys for the TT today https://t.co/n9kNQHMlhu

20 hrs + 21 mins ago

.@yveslampaert is fifth in the provisional standings, same time as' @LaurensDePlus.'' #Bergen2017'

20 hrs + 48 mins ago

Belgian Champion' @yveslampaert' is having a great ride so far! Come on, Yves! Push your limits!' #Bergen2017'

21 hrs + 49 mins ago

.@LaurensDePlus looking smooth in the hot seat after an ITT in which he gave everything.' #Bergen2017'

22 hrs + 5 mins ago

'#WayToRide,'' @LaurensDePlus!' Best time at the finish for our young Belgian rider, 47:16!' #Bergen2017'

22 hrs + 15 mins ago

show must go on. Riders are less important

22 hrs + 55 mins ago

In support of my old buddy Dave Rayner who was killed in a tragic accident' @DaveRaynerFund' https://t.co/ih2bitaGPf

23 hrs + 16 mins ago

Good luck to our riders racing today's ITT at the Worlds:' @LaurensDePlus' (13:20),' @yveslampaert' (14:48) and' @BobJungels' (16:53).' #Bergen2017'