18-02-18 // Only 1500 meters stood between the Czech and an outstanding victory on the dreadful Alto do Malhão.

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18-02-18 // Rémi Cavagna steals the show on the last day, after spending the day in the breakaway and getting caught with under three kilometers to go.

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17-02-18 // Team Heritage, fan experiences, merchandising and a lot more await our great fans.

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16-02-18 // The talented Dutchman – who is racing his second event as pro at the Tour of Oman – looked back on his debut with the team.

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15-02-18 // The season rolled out, and with it, also the new Quick-Step Floors Pro Cycling Team webshop.

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14-02-18 // Have you heard the news? We’ve just received some spectacular baby goodies on our webshop, all embroidered with the Quick-Step Floors logo.

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2 hrs + 10 mins ago

Missed today's' #TOO2018' and' #VAlgarve18' stages? No worries, we have a spectacular gallery just for you:… https://t.co/fN3UR4lmXL

3 hrs + 5 mins ago

'#VAlgarve18' stage 5 report:' @zdenekstybar' attacks and tries to solo to victory, as teammate' @BobJungels' finishes 5… https://t.co/3r7gbNXI04

3 hrs + 57 mins ago

Un bon tour du Haut Var 13eme dans le temps du 6eme. Merci aux coéquipiers' @Fortuneo_Samsic' . https://t.co/js79x2EnHV

4 hrs + 25 mins ago

You don't see this every day before the start of a race

5 hrs + 1 min ago

Two Quick-Step Floors riders in the' #VAlgarve18' top 10 overall:' @BobJungels' (5th) and' @MaxSchachmann' (7th)!' #WayToRide,' guys!

5 hrs + 6 mins ago

He didn't win today's' #VAlgarve18' stage, but' @zdenekstybar' showed why he's a member of' #TheWolfpack'

5 hrs + 9 mins ago

He might not have won today's' #VAlgarve18' stage, but' @zdenekstybar' showed why he's a member of' #TheWolfpack'

5 hrs + 15 mins ago

And Kwiatkowski takes both the stage win and the GC. More on our riders soon.' #VAlgarve18'

5 hrs + 20 mins ago

Gutted for' @zdenekstybar!' Caught and passed by Kwiatkowski in the stage finale.' #VAlgarve18'

5 hrs + 22 mins ago

.@zdenekstybar is chased by Kwiatkowski inside the final 1500 meters.' #VAlgarve18'

5 hrs + 23 mins ago

Clock shows 28 seconds for' @zdenekstybar.' Now 17. 28 again. Forget it! Come on, Styby! You can do it!' #VAlgarve18'

5 hrs + 25 mins ago

.@zdenekstybar is at the bottom of Alto do Malhão having 40 seconds in hand! Gooooo, Styby!' #WayToRide'' #VAlgarve18'

5 hrs + 28 mins ago

Look at him go! Five kilometers from the finish,' @zdenekstybar' finds himself with a nice 28-second gap over the cha… https://t.co/pnoL45bf3U

5 hrs + 31 mins ago

2.49km-long and averaging 8.9%, Alto do Malhao has its highest point at 501 meters. Everything will be decided there.' #VAlgarve18'

5 hrs + 34 mins ago

.@zdenekstybar is heading into the final ten kilometers with a 30-second buffer over the chasers.' #WayToRide,' Styby!' #VAlgarve18'

5 hrs + 35 mins ago

'@shackmax123' Ge zijt gij nog ne goe kerel he