25-03-17 // Our team split the field and rode full gas on the penultimate day of the race, helping Dan Martin move up three places in the overall standings.

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25-03-17 // A strong, balanced and determined squad looks ahead to the final Classic of March.

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24-03-17 // After making the key selection on the Paterberg and ensuring the move will stick by doing some huge pulls, the Belgian Champion finished runner-up in Harelbeke.

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24-03-17 // Lo Port, a beast of a climb and the race's final summit arrival, saw the contenders fight for the win and the always-important bonus seconds.

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23-03-17 // Quick-Step Floors Team continued to be an aggressive presence at the Spanish race.

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22-03-17 // A stellar team display and an immense attack inside the final seven kilometers propelled the Belgian to his biggest career victory.

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13 mins + 11 secs ago

Riders will soon tackle Catsberg, the race's first climb.' #VoltaCatalunya'

27 mins + 11 secs ago

There was a crash in the peloton at' #GWE.' Arnaud Demare was one of the riders to hit the ground.

29 mins + 11 secs ago

.@DanMartin86 finished 6th overall at' #VoltaCatalunya' after a race in which he showed his great fighting spirit and never-say-die attitude!

34 mins + 11 secs ago

Once again, Quick-Step Floors and' @DanMartin86' took center stage and left their mark on the stage at… https://t.co/OsbNg5X5W2

36 mins + 11 secs ago

And Valverde wins the stage and the overall classification.' #VoltaCatalunya'

37 mins + 11 secs ago

Valverde takes the wheel of' @DanMartin86.' Final two kilometers of the race. Come on, Dan!!!' #WayToRide'' #VoltaCatalunya'

39 mins + 11 secs ago

And' @DanMartin86' attacks!!! Goooo, Dan the Man!' #VoltaCatalunya'

40 mins + 11 secs ago

.@DanMartin86 is also there with four kilometers to go!' #WayToRide'' #VoltaCatalunya'

41 mins + 11 secs ago

Froome is back in the pack. Other riders are now trying to jump clear.' #VoltaCatalunya'

42 mins + 11 secs ago

Peloton has Froome in sight.' #VoltaCatalunya'

43 mins + 11 secs ago

'#VoltaCatalunya' Froome is 8 seconds ahead. They are climbing Montjuic again.

45 mins + 11 secs ago

Quick-Step Floors doing the bulk of the work in the bunch.' #VoltaCatalunya'' #WayToRide'

47 mins + 11 secs ago

With 9 kilometers left, Chris Froome goes on the attack.' #VoltaCatalunya'

49 mins + 11 secs ago

Duo has been caught, but' @LaurensDePlus' continues to stay at the front and set the tempo.' #VoltaCatalunya'

51 mins + 11 secs ago

Attacks of Geraint Thomas.' @LaurensDePlus' responds immediately.' #WayToRide'' #VoltaCatalunya'

59 mins + 11 secs ago

Under 170 kilometers left in' #GWE' and the group led by Quick-Step Floors is 1:35 ahead of the chasers.

1 hr + 3 mins ago

De Gendt and McCarthy have one minute over the peloton.' #VoltaCatalunya'

1 hr + 15 mins ago

Thanks to Quick-Step Floors' effort, the gap of the escapees is melting. 28 kilometers to go.' #VoltaCatalunya'

1 hr + 20 mins ago

Kemmelberg Monteberg Beneberg Kemmelberg