ITAlessandro Tegner

Marketing & Communication Manager


Alessandro, born in the mountainous region of Northern Italy, grew up with the sport of cycling, cheering for the big champions fighting for the Maglia Rosa at the Giro d’Italia. His love for the sport only grew as he aged, including during his studies in Political Science at the University of Padua.

“My dream was to work for a cycling team, or to become a teacher in history or philosophy,” Tegner said. “Imagine how life could be different if I ended up a teacher. But anyway, I took a sabbatical after graduation to try a year within cycling, regardless of the level, in the area of communication and marketing. It worked out perfectly.” Alessandro sent a CV to Mapei team during that time, and when they replied to him, he thought it was a joke on him by friends. It was far from it, and Alessandro was given his chance with two interviews. “In the end Mapei decided to hire me, but as a ‘stagiaire’ if you will,” Tegner said. “In 2001, after three months, they decided to hire me. It was super demanding but also nice because it developed my work ethic even more. When the team stopped, I was introduced Patrick Lefevere. He decided to give me a chance when he formed the team we have now, starting in 2003. I’m still here after all these years and I couldn’t be happier.”

Alessandro said he has noticed a lot of similarities with the Belgian roots of the team and where he was raised in Northern Italy. But also, he notes the team has grown to be an international organization, where all the unique, individual pieces fit together perfectly. “To be honest, with this team you feel at home,” Tegner said. “It’s common to just say ‘it’s like family’ but it really is with Quick-Step Floors. The structure has improved year-by–year. We were one of the first international teams in the sense that the riders and the staff come from different cultures and nations. We are the melting pot in cycling and I think this helps us a lot in terms of growth potential and being innovative, despite respecting our Belgian roots. Put together the lifestyle of the Italians with the precision and dedication of the Belgians, with a touch of Spanish flavor, and then in recent years the flair of Polish riders and Czech riders, and you have a great mixture that works well together. These are just a few examples of the international influences we have, and it has opened our minds completely in the world of cycling. I think this is a beautiful concept and, within the communication and marketing department, I love to convey that to our supporters and the public, alongside the communication about our impressive success on the bike.”